Quantum Change Kinesiology

Quantum understanding of the mind and body relationship through kinesiology

Communication with your Mind and Body through Quantum Change Kinesiology

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How does QCK Communicate with your Mind and Body?

A QCK Practitioner uses muscle testing to access and communicate with the layers, levels and dimensions in which your mind exists in your self and body. Muscle testing as a biofeedback mechanism, combined with an in-depth understanding of the workings of the mind and the process of self-change, gives a QCK practitioner the tools to read or interpret what your beingness awareness is trying to communicate with you about which patterns you are living that are not self-supportive, how you are living them and how you can start changing them.

From this perspective you could say that in fact a QCK practitioner’s communication is more with the inner awareness which exists in the trinity of your mind, being and body. This inner awareness is what directs the muscle testing to bring forth the information that will specifically support you to overcome and work on the issue you came to your session with.

What is the purpose of communicating with your inner awareness?

The starting point from which a QCK practitioner operates is to assist and support you to have a deeper understanding of yourself in order to facilitate and enable the change and transcendence of harmful and compromising patterns existent on the conscious, subconscious, unconscious and deeper layers of yourself.

QCK is based on the understanding that you hold the key to your potential for self-change inside yourself. Us human beings tend to only exist on the more superficial layers of our consciousness and are thus not aware of this potential that exists in ourselves or of how we can be the key and the solution to guide ourselves out of the issues and problems we face within ourselves.

You have a deeper awareness that represents your utmost potential. This deeper awareness generally goes suppressed under the mind patterns  which you live every day of your life. your memories, thoughts, emotions, personalities and all the things you participate in and experience in your mind in every moment of every day forms a figurative blanket under which your real self as your living potential is subdued and suppressed. QCK is a means to communicate with this suppressed awareness of your potential as a being.

What you need to hear, when you need to hear it

What a QCK practitioner will test out in a session through muscle testing is the mind patterns that you are living which are contributing to and/or at the origin of specific issues you are facing within yourself. These issues can range from experiences such as stress, to emotional possessions, persistent or habitual thought-patterns and even physical pains and other conditions.

The patterns tested out in a session will be in alignment with what you need to hear, face and/or confront at that particular time  to realize and start developing your ability to change the issue or problem which you have been dealing with.

When you are caught up in living and experiencing certain tought-patterns, experiences and/or behavioral patterns, there will always be specific words and perspectives which act as keys for you to be able to see through the pattern and realize that – as overwhelming and encompassing as it may often appear – it does not define who you are. QCK uses communication with the mind and body through muscle testing to find these keys. You could say that a QCK Practitioner acts as an enabler for your own awareness to assist and support you in moving through difficulties that you are facing in your life and self.

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