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Uncovering the Relationship between Anemia and Self-Disempowering Thought-patterns

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I was working with a client today who suffered from anemia since a few months and was consequently feeling too weak to work. During my session with her what became clear was the correlation between her physically manifested anemia and other “issues” which she was experiencing in her life. These other issues where mostly in the context of feeling lost, tired, disempowered and experiencing a lack of confidence in various areas of her life.

There are, as with any pattern in the mind, surely many different layers to these experiences – layers which must be walked and uncovered over time and cannot all be understood and shown in just one QCK session. However a first session and first peek into a pattern can already give a substantial insight into the workings of the pattern and even clearly reveal the uncanny relationship between a physically manifested condition – such as anemia in this case – and internal thinking patterns, in this case of self-disempowerment and self-sabotage.

It is interesting that when we find ourselves in an experience of feeling disempowered in relation to a situation or situations in our environment, we have a tendency to wholeheartedly believe that we ARE disempowered. After all, there are so many reasons that our mind comes up with for why and how it is that there is simply nothing we can do about our disempowerment. Reasons such as “it isn’t my fault”, “I don’t trust others/this situation/myself”, “he/she/they did this to me”, “I am too old to change”, “I am just not strong enough”, etcetera.

The experience of disempowerment is a very interesting thing as it is a state of mind and being that is completely defined and determined by whether or not you choose to believe those “reasons” and self-defeating and self-limiting thought-patterns to be “true” and to be the reality of “who you are”. If you choose to accept the thought “I am too weak”, then you will feel as though you are “too weak” and you will experience yourself to be disempowered in relation to whatever it is you believe you are too weak to change or influence.

The real fascinating question is then: Why do we make that choice to work against ourselves in our own thoughts? Why do we choose to break away at our strength and self-empowerment by participating in such self-disempowering and -diminishing thoughts rather than being constructive and supportive with ourselves? This is one of the important questions which QCK assists you to find the answer to as long as you are willing to break through and break free from the self-limiting and -disempowering ideas and beliefs that you accept within yourself.

If you are ready to take that step of challenging and changing those experiences, thinking-patterns, personality-designs and situations in your life which you believe yourself to be disempowered by, then visit www.quantumchangekinesiology.com to book your first session with one of our QCK Practitioners. Would you prefer to let us choose which practitioner might be best suited for you? Visit this page, submit your request and a QCK Practitioner will contact you shortly!

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