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Hemangioma and the patterns we copy from our parents

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This session I had with a client was in relation to a reoccurring hemangioma on the cheek. He was curious to find out if this physical condition was related to patterns he might be living in his mind and self and how he could support his body to heal through changing those patterns.

What was shown very nicely in this session was the process of how we copy certain thinking patterns and experiences from our parents. There is an interesting thing that happens as we grow older, which is that we form layers on top of layers in our mind in order to suppress the things that we experienced and went through when we were children. These suppressed experiences are usually along the lines of feeling fearful, helpless, stupid and hurt as we face reactions from adults in our world and reality.

We all have memories of a parent or authority figure getting angry at us, yelling at us, even calling us names and/or using physical violence. It is the experiences we went through in those moments that we end up suppressing under the personalities we develop throughout our lives.

Its this process of suppressing our childhood memories and experiences as we grow older that forms the bases for how and why we sometimes get to a certain point in our lives and realize we have become just like our parents. Sometimes this carries a negative experience for us as we wonder how we became the very thing we never wanted to be or become. We see ourselves reacting with anger to our own children, becoming easily frustrated over small things or even using physical violence ourselves.

What the client in this session was shown through muscle communication and what his body was communicating with him through the hemangioma, was that he was allowing himself to create this very pattern. He was holding on to specific memories wherein he felt hurt and diminished by his father, not realizing that his father’s behavior in those memories was in fact based on those same experiences of hurt and diminishment. He was in other words living and embodying the same experiences which drove his father to develop a personality of anger and alcohol abuse by taking his expression personally rather than seeing into the deeper reality of what his father was going through.

So how do you correct this pattern and what can you do to not be influenced by such memories of hurt but rather stand in your individuality? Quantum Change Kinesiology assists and supports you to break free from such limiting patterns and personality designs which you may be living in your life and shows you how to use the memories of hurt as stepping stones for self-development rather than having them be your ball-and-chain of self-imprisonment.

Visit our website at www.quantumchangekinesiology.com to find out more about who we are and what QCK  is all about or jump right in and schedule a session via this page.

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