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Fear of losing a relationship

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I had a QCK session today with someone who was facing a situation in their life wherein they were considering breaking up with their partner due to certain circumstances. Her issue which she came to the session with was that she was feeling very sad about the idea of possibly ending the relationship and was not sure about what to do and what decision to make.

What the session assisted her with was to see and identify the personality designs and constructs that were “hiding” behind this experience of sadness and that were in the background of her mind creating her entire experience of herself and the situation.

We often have a tendency to think and believe that how we experience ourselves is due to the situation that our experience is about. We tend to think and believe that we experience ourselves in a certain way in relation to a situation because it is “normal” to react in that way, believing that in a way the situation “calls” for us to experience ourselves in that particular way.

That is how the client in this example also saw her experiences, as being related to the situation. However the session revealed how every experience we go through in our mind is actually very much determined by the types of personalities we have developed throughout our lifetime.

It showed how her experience of feeling sad at the thought of ending her relationship was related to a personality wherein she had learned to create ideas in her mind about how she needs to live her life and how things like her relationship should be, thus believing that if things in her life aren’t living up to those ideas, it means she’s doing something “wrong” or has made some kind of “mistake”. This personality she had developed as a coping mechanism to something that happened during her childhood.

This one example shows how just one seemingly small and “innocent” experience like sadness in fact represents an entire pattern in our mind that has many different outflows in how we experience and perceive ourselves and the world around us, how we behave and consequently the life we end up living.

In a Quantum Change Kinesiology session you are assisted to understand the pattern, its source and how it works as well as supported to start your process of changing the pattern into more something more constructive for yourself.

If you find yourself facing experiences like in this example, don’t unnecessarily allow yourself to suffer and struggle. Understand and realize that your experiences are not about the situation you are facing but are coming from much deeper layers in your mind. Sign up for a Quantum Change Kinesiology session via this page and give yourself the support you need to create that stability and groundedness you are looking for.

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