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Your mind works in mysterious ways

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The above quote is from a QCK session I had with someone today. I wanted to share it here because this is a tendency we all have to an extent, to judge and even fear parts of our own mind because they don’t live up to certain “ideals” of what it means to be a “good person” or because we have learned to judge certain topics (think “anger”, “sexuality”, “jealousy”, etc) so when those topics come up in our thoughts – BAM there comes our judgment of them and, consequently, of ourselves.

The problem is that we don’t entirely realize the extent to which this tendency of judging parts of ourselves influences us in our daily experiences, reactions and general sense of “who we are”.

To give you an example, in the particular session I took this quote from, the person came to the session with concerns about her health. She had found that lately there have been lots of fears coming up in her mind related to her body’s health and she wanted to know if Quantum Change Kinesiology could assist her with assessing her physical health.

Quantum Change Kinesiology does not in fact deal with assessing, diagnosing or healing actual physical issues since I am no doctor, however as she could also recognize for herself she wasn’t really dealing with a physical issue but more a mental/emotional one. That is where QCK does assist, to pinpoint and uncover why these fears have been coming up more in her mind.

Oftentimes it is surprising to find the relationship connections existent between seemingly “different” and “unrelated” points in our mind, but once those relationships are uncovered in a QCK session suddenly everything becomes clear and often the entire issue is released in that one moment just by seeing that dynamic of how a specific experience in your mind is created through other patterns you participate in.

In this session for instance it became clear how those fears in relation to her health were an “outflow” creation of her tendency to judge and suppress a particular thinking pattern that comes up in her mind from time to time. Explaining and expanding on the connection between these two points would make this post too long, but it’s enough to show how our mind in a way “works in mysterious ways” and that Quantum Change Kinesiology has the potential to open up these “mysteries” in such a way that will assist you to be able to let go and change issues you face in your self and your mind.

Interested in what mysteries Quantum Change Kinesiology can uncover for you? Sign up for a QCK session and find out 😉

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