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The QCK Files: Dealing with Life after a Break-up

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Sometimes after a break-up a pattern can emerge within ourselves of feeling unstable and feeling like we have a hard time “pulling ourselves together”, as though the relationship in itself was the thing that was keeping us stable. But is it really about the relationship though and is the experience of instability after the relationship has ended really about the break-up?

In the QCK session I had with someone who was going through such an experience, he was shown how behind this “instability” he had been experiencing was a belief that he somehow “hurt” his partner and needed to atone for whatever it is he did. This experience of feeling as though he needed to “atone” for the things he may have done to cause his partner to break up with him wasn’t really about the break-up itself but was a mind-pattern he had developed since childhood. The session revealed to him how he had been carrying around this feeling of “needing to atone” his entire life and thus wasn’t so much related to his ex-partner and -relationship.

More than that, even this belief of having done something to atone for never had anything to do with having done something “wrong” per se, but was in fact an experience his mind had been using his entire life to suppress and hide the fact that deep down, he was the one holding on to “hurt”.

This is something our mind does very well, conceal and hide our “truth” and keep us looping in experiences and patterns which influence the very lives we live internally and externally. Experiences which we come to believe are “who we are” while in truth they are nothing more than distractions and diversions our own mind creates so we would not see deeper into ourselves and potentially start realizing our own self-creative power and ability.

These patterns of suppression, hiding, distraction and avoidance are unfortunately things we copy, learn from and develop in relation to the people in our lives as we go through childhood. We rarely ever get to pierce through that layer to realize and uncover what is really going on inside of ourselves on deeper levels, thus never realizing what our “conscious mind” experiences and reactions in relation to situations in our lives reveal to us about who we are on deeper levels.

QCK is a tool which supports you to “by-pass” and “short-circuit” those experiences and reactions which your mind brings up in relation to what you go through and face in your daily life, to get to the deeper truths and reality of who you are and thus use those challenging situations as stepping-stones for self-development, learning and growth.


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