Quantum Change Kinesiology

Quantum understanding of the mind and body relationship through kinesiology

Communicating with your Body’s Awareness through QCK

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Yesterday I was again reminded of how absolutely amazing the work is that I do with Quantum Change Kinesiology. I surprise myself often when I have a QCK session with someone and the information that tests out is so extremely specific. Specific not only in describing and pinpointing exactly what the person is going through on various levels of their mind, but also in showing the way forward and out of the issue so to speak.

And in a way it’s not even “me” doing it necessarily. I mean when I say “the amazing work that I do” I don’t even feel like I can take credit for it because QCK is really all the work of the body. When I am not in tune with my own body, ready to see and sensitive to what my body is communicating to me about the mind of the other person through muscle testing, then QCK simply doesn’t work. So in a way I need to let go of any “me” in my mind to have the ability to read the mind of another person through QCK.

It’s the “deeper awareness” of my and the other person’s body, the mind integrated in the body and the existential connection existent between all of our bodies that is doing all the work, and that is the “amazing” thing about it. Your body actually has an awareness, it wants you to heal and change so that in turn it as you can heal and reach its optimal potential. This is shown so nicely in a QCK session as the body shows and communicates the information a person needs to see, realize, consider and work with to transcend patterns they participate in which aren’t supporting their potential as a person.


QCK is a truly unique method, one which I wouldn’t be able to compare with anything else. A client told me yesterday after our session that “in one hour I have been able to do with her what no social worker or psychologist has come close to in a span of years” and that is such deeply moving feedback to receive from someone who has a history and experience with those types of services and institutions in this world and who can directly see how QCK penetrates so much deeper through the surface of ourselves.



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