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Wanting what Another Has – A QCK Session

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What is your mind actually showing you about who you are and what you need to realize, understand and learn when facing such thoughts as “Why can’t I have what other people have?”

In this vlog I share a QCK session I had with a person who was experiencing such thoughts when seeing people who were in relationships and how QCK assisted and supported him to see beyond those thoughts and experiences and into himself.

What tested out for him as what his body and mind was communicating with him through QCK about “why” he was experiencing himself the way he had been was that, in a nutshell, “it was all in his head”. Moreover, the session showed him exactly “how” it was all in his head. How he had been creating his very own perception of “relationships” on subconscious and unconscious levels in his own mind to the extent that whenever he physically saw people who were in a relationship, the image his eyes were registering got “filtered” through all those layers of beliefs, projections and personality designs in his own mind.

In other words, you could say that this “want” to “have” what he saw others “having”, in terms of that relationship, was on a deeper level in fact a want for that connection and relationship with himself. To connect with his own “creative power” so he can see, realize and understand just how much of his own experiences, reactions and perceptions of “reality” haven’t been real and were tricks his own mind had been playing to keep him trapped in a cycle of searching for that perfect relationship yet never really finding it.


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