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The art of letting go and moving on after a break-up – The QCK Files

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In this recent QCK session, the client’s issue was an experience of not being able to let go of or get over his ex-partner and move on with his life. What became clear in the session is that the key to overcome and change this experience was for him to develop awareness of and change certain deeper patterns in his mind which he had been living since childhood. QCK pinpointed and identified for him what these deeper designs and programs were which had been contributing to him having trouble letting go of his ex and what he could do to change the issue.

In a nutshell, the session showed how his difficulty letting go of a relationship with another person was not so much about his relationship with his ex as it was about his relationship with himself, a relationship which mostly consisted of conflict. Throughout his life he had developed a personality of internal conflict. This because on a sub- and unconscious level of his mind he existed as an “authoritarian” personality he’d copied from his father, but on a more conscious mind level he had created and developed a more “humble” personality as a reaction to the one he’d seen in and copied from his father.

With these two opposing traits of this personality existing on different levels of himself, there was an almost constant internal conflict going on as he would, through the eyes of the humble personality, judge the authoritarian personality for it’s ‘egoistical’, ‘draconian’ and ‘oppressive’ expression. This eventually created an experience of depression in him as he was trapping himself within experiences of guilt and remorse. In fact a big part of why he was having trouble letting go of his ex-partner was because on a subconscious level he was trying to atone and receive forgiveness for the guilt he was experiencing.

What was becoming clear through all this information testing out, was that the real issue for him to work with was his tendency to judge parts of himself and go into experiences of guilt and remorse, which is what would then motivate him to seek comfort, love and forgiveness within a relationship with another person.

After we pinpointed and mapped out the real issue, we then looked at solutions he could apply in his life to change this tendency and to thus build on his relationship with himself so that he could start giving himself those things he had been looking for in relationships with others.



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