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Which unconscious patterns are you living?

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I worked with a client recently who came to me with an abdominal pain issue. As we work with the mind through the body in a QCK session, we uncovered the internal pattern embodied and shown through the external/physical issue of the abdominal pain.

Interestingly enough, the pattern brought to the surface for the client to become aware of was an unconscious genetically transferred ‘fear of God’. This was interesting because this client did not experience or define themselves as ‘religious’ in any way. On a conscious mind level of awareness and in their self-definition they could not relate to what came forward in the session initially.

However when we then had a look at how this unconscious pattern was coming through and playing out in her day-to-day living, it became clear how this ‘fear of god’ was in fact very much present. She never realized that on deeper levels she lived in fear of God because she had never questioned the real unconscious motivations behind how she expressed and experienced herself on a conscious level.

She never realized that her experience of nervousness around people and her tendency to easily feel judged and judge herself was related to a deeper programming she had unconsciously copied from previous generations, the fear of God.


In many sessions this type of deeper unconscious programming opens up and often gives an entirely different perspective on what a client is facing within themselves. These unconscious patterns are rarely seen yet form the very driving force behind things we do, experience and face in every moment. It is through understanding our unconscious driving forces, that we can start manifesting change in those personality and behavioral patterns we live from day to day, such as self-judgment or feeling nervous around people.

QCK offers a great and unique way to get to know the depths of your mind more intimately and gives you the guidance you need to transcend and change through the path of understanding and awareness.

Are you curious to learn more about which unconscious patterns you might be living?

Schedule a QCK session and gift yourself the opportunity to get to know yourself in profound and unexpected ways!


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