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Quantum understanding of the mind and body relationship through kinesiology

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Garbrielle’s QCK testimonial: Developing Self-trust and Inner Stability with the support of QCK


Garbrielle shares how Quantum Change Kinesiology has supported her to resolve a physical as well as mental/emotional issue she was facing. She explains how QCK assisted her to see the deeper patterns in her mind that were causing her mind and body to develop those issues and how she has been able to empower and change herself on a physical as well as mental/emotional level through the understanding gained in the QCK session.

Her testimonial also shows very nicely how the aim of a QCK session is to help you realize your potential and ability to work with the issues if and when they come up again in the future. QCK gives you the insight and understanding you need to walk your process of healing yourself and developing an ‘authority’ and empowerment in relation to your own mind and body. It assists you to realize exactly how every issue you face in your life, be it physical, mental/emotional or otherwise, is an opportunity for you to discover new dimensions and potentials of who you are as a being.

Schedule a QCK session and give yourself the gift of discovering what your mind and body is communicating to you through the issues you face.




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The art of letting go and moving on after a break-up – The QCK Files



In this recent QCK session, the client’s issue was an experience of not being able to let go of or get over his ex-partner and move on with his life. What became clear in the session is that the key to overcome and change this experience was for him to develop awareness of and change certain deeper patterns in his mind which he had been living since childhood. QCK pinpointed and identified for him what these deeper designs and programs were which had been contributing to him having trouble letting go of his ex and what he could do to change the issue.

In a nutshell, the session showed how his difficulty letting go of a relationship with another person was not so much about his relationship with his ex as it was about his relationship with himself, a relationship which mostly consisted of conflict. Throughout his life he had developed a personality of internal conflict. This because on a sub- and unconscious level of his mind he existed as an “authoritarian” personality he’d copied from his father, but on a more conscious mind level he had created and developed a more “humble” personality as a reaction to the one he’d seen in and copied from his father.

With these two opposing traits of this personality existing on different levels of himself, there was an almost constant internal conflict going on as he would, through the eyes of the humble personality, judge the authoritarian personality for it’s ‘egoistical’, ‘draconian’ and ‘oppressive’ expression. This eventually created an experience of depression in him as he was trapping himself within experiences of guilt and remorse. In fact a big part of why he was having trouble letting go of his ex-partner was because on a subconscious level he was trying to atone and receive forgiveness for the guilt he was experiencing.

What was becoming clear through all this information testing out, was that the real issue for him to work with was his tendency to judge parts of himself and go into experiences of guilt and remorse, which is what would then motivate him to seek comfort, love and forgiveness within a relationship with another person.

After we pinpointed and mapped out the real issue, we then looked at solutions he could apply in his life to change this tendency and to thus build on his relationship with himself so that he could start giving himself those things he had been looking for in relationships with others.




When Tiredness is actually Suppression – The QCK Files


In the above video I discuss a session with a client who was facing an issue of feeling tired and lethargic. He wanted to know if QCK could pinpoint for him what was going on in the deeper levels of his mind that was causing him to feel this way.

In a nutshell, what tested out for him was that this experience of lethargy and tiredness was a physical consequence of him having gone into energy experiences of joyfulness, playfulness and feeling amused which ‘depleted’ his body’s energy so to speak. This ‘depletion’ of our body’s energy, or ‘life’ if you will, happens when we use those positive feelings and experiences to suppress and hide other points within ourselves.

For instance, on more subconscious and unconscious levels of his mind he had throughout his life developed a personality of anger, criticism, hostility and selfishness – something he had primarily copied from his father – however on a conscious mind level these were traits he had come to judge about his father and thus also about himself. This judgment then led him to want to hide and suppress these experiences in his mind and believe he must, especially around his family, exert a personality of joyfulness, playfulness and amusement.

This internal fighting against deep-rooted personality designs as we try to live up to an idea of what is “better” according to judgments in our mind would ultimately cause us to become quite exhausted as that forceful attempt to make ourselves feel a certain way puts a strain on our mind and body, leaving us with an experience of lethargy and tiredness.

That experience of lethargy and tiredness is our body’s way of showing us that we need to be honest with ourselves about the words we are living and how we are living them. Living and embodying words like playfulness, joy and amusement should not be in suppression of ourselves because if it is, then what is joy? Can we truly say we are enjoying ourselves when on deeper levels we are judging, fighting against and denying parts of ourselves?

QCK is there as a tool of support to help you see what such experiences like lethargy or tiredness are showing you about the deeper levels of yourself in your mind and body so you can claim your power to change such issues. It assists you to start using your own body and mind as your guide to get to know your own mind and start living words like enjoyment as an expression rather than a suppression of yourself.


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The new and mysterious world of Quantum Change Kinesiology

About a month ago Andrea and I have started to share our newly developed skill and technique of Quantum Change Kinesiology to assist and support people around the world. Since then I have been sharing snippets and “sneek peeks” into sessions I have had with people, attempting to show what QCK is about, what the kind of topics and issues are I work with and what type of assistance and support I give people. I didn’t consider however that since QCK is so new and different from anything else out there, some more specific explanation is needed to show what it is that makes QCK “unique” and revolutionary. This post is my attempt to give you an insight into the new and “mysterious” world of Quantum Change Kinesiology.

QCK was developed by my “partner in crime” Andrea Starsi and myself over the last four years and only now have we started to open ourselves and QCK up to the world so to speak. We have been working with many people throughout those four years, testing, experimenting, fine-tuning and “perfecting” our technique, as well as undoubtedly proving to ourselves the unique potential QCK has.

In itself, the principle behind QCK is fairly simplistic actually yet at the same time it is extremely intricate and specific. QCK is simplistic because it works with the pure “reality” of who you are in your mind and body. I as a QCK practitioner use the biofeedback technique of muscle testing to “test out” the pure unfiltered information about what is existent on different levels of your mind, which is then also the intricate part.


You as a client would come to the session with an “issue”, let say for example that you experience anxiety, anger or another overwhelming emotion or feeling every time you’re in a particular situation. That experience which you go through is like the crown of a very large tree that has roots deep down into yourself and your mind. What QCK does is show you the rest of the tree, which is the “information” your mind uses to keep the “crown” of the tree in place. This information takes on many different shapes, like genetically transferred beliefs, thoughts, memories, coping mechanisms, personalities, archetypes and many more.

Sometimes QCK works in the opposite direction, from the roots to the crown, when the issue you come to the session with is a physical one. Let’s say for example your issue is a pain in your elbow that keeps reoccurring, or even something as serious as cancer. These types of physical pains and conditions are the physical consequences of your mind having rooted itself deep into the body. QCK traces the root-system as represented through the physical condition/pain to find the specific information in and of your mind that has been contributing to and creating the physical issue.

The aim of QCK is to first and foremost cultivate awareness of who you are in your mind and body, to have you become aware of how you create “who you are” within the experiences and issues you face through the information you live on the various levels of your mind.

We have found that this self-awareness is absolutely crucial to be able to change any issue – mental/emotional and even physical. It can even be so powerful that in one moment your experience and/or physical issue releases from your mind and body as you “realize” the reality of what has been going on within you all along. Obviously as with any habitual pattern, the issue will come up again although now at least you have the awareness and understanding you need to start changing it in real-time.

There is much more to share and go into in relation to QCK but for now this is my attempt to enlighten, educate and hopefully spark intrigue about this new and unique technique.

Please feel free to ask questions and I will be happy to answer them in comments and/or blog posts to come!



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Wanting what Another Has – A QCK Session


What is your mind actually showing you about who you are and what you need to realize, understand and learn when facing such thoughts as “Why can’t I have what other people have?”

In this vlog I share a QCK session I had with a person who was experiencing such thoughts when seeing people who were in relationships and how QCK assisted and supported him to see beyond those thoughts and experiences and into himself.

What tested out for him as what his body and mind was communicating with him through QCK about “why” he was experiencing himself the way he had been was that, in a nutshell, “it was all in his head”. Moreover, the session showed him exactly “how” it was all in his head. How he had been creating his very own perception of “relationships” on subconscious and unconscious levels in his own mind to the extent that whenever he physically saw people who were in a relationship, the image his eyes were registering got “filtered” through all those layers of beliefs, projections and personality designs in his own mind.

In other words, you could say that this “want” to “have” what he saw others “having”, in terms of that relationship, was on a deeper level in fact a want for that connection and relationship with himself. To connect with his own “creative power” so he can see, realize and understand just how much of his own experiences, reactions and perceptions of “reality” haven’t been real and were tricks his own mind had been playing to keep him trapped in a cycle of searching for that perfect relationship yet never really finding it.


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Explore the Depths of You

explore the depths

Psychology often creates a comparison between the mind and an iceberg, where our conscious mind awareness – how we generally experience ourselves in our day to day living – would be the tip of the iceberg sticking out of the water. Most of our mind as all the things that are happening on the deeper levels and layers of our mind, on the subconscious and unconscious, is hiding under the surface of our awareness.

Quantum Change Kinesiology is a tool which assists you to look deeper into the “unknown” of your mind, to see the part of the iceberg hiding underneath what you experience and see within you on a conscious level of awareness. This in itself is from my perspective and experience amazing. Who wouldn’t want to have that deeper insight into themselves? Who wouldn’t want to see what their mind and body awareness can tell them about who they are?

Interestingly enough, what I have found so far in my work as a Quantum Change Kinesiologist is that in fact the inner self is not necessarily something many people would want to see. In fact it is what we have throughout our lives fought to suppress and hide. There is a reason why most of the iceberg is hidden. It’s because there are so many things inside our mind that scare us, that we judge, that make us uncomfortable and that show us a “truth” of ourselves that doesn’t align with how we want to see ourselves.

Most people look for a “convenient” and “comfortable” truth. A truth that makes you feel better momentarily and doesn’t challenge you to face those parts of you that need to be faced for self-change to be real. QCK doesn’t give a sugar-coated version of “you”, it opens up what has been hidden and suppressed and shows you with specificity how you within yourself have been limiting and compromising your own potential in mind, body and self.

This is why QCK is uniquely perfect for those who are ready to take on that journey of self-introspection, -realization and -change. Those who understand that in order to change anything, you need to be willing to see, understand and embrace the multidimensional and multilayered existence of that which you’re wanting to change. Ready and willing to face and overcome your fears and resistance in relation to whats been hiding in the depths of your mind all your life.

QCK assists and supports you to see and understand the reality of the “iceberg”, of it’s structure and how it exists, so that you from that platform of understanding and insight have the power and ability to change that iceberg. As you walk the process of bringing to the surface the parts of it that are hidden and it “melts before the sun” as your awareness, you stabilize and clear the “waters” of your self, giving yourself the opportunity to create, change and expand your potential.


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Communicating with your Body’s Awareness through QCK

Yesterday I was again reminded of how absolutely amazing the work is that I do with Quantum Change Kinesiology. I surprise myself often when I have a QCK session with someone and the information that tests out is so extremely specific. Specific not only in describing and pinpointing exactly what the person is going through on various levels of their mind, but also in showing the way forward and out of the issue so to speak.

And in a way it’s not even “me” doing it necessarily. I mean when I say “the amazing work that I do” I don’t even feel like I can take credit for it because QCK is really all the work of the body. When I am not in tune with my own body, ready to see and sensitive to what my body is communicating to me about the mind of the other person through muscle testing, then QCK simply doesn’t work. So in a way I need to let go of any “me” in my mind to have the ability to read the mind of another person through QCK.

It’s the “deeper awareness” of my and the other person’s body, the mind integrated in the body and the existential connection existent between all of our bodies that is doing all the work, and that is the “amazing” thing about it. Your body actually has an awareness, it wants you to heal and change so that in turn it as you can heal and reach its optimal potential. This is shown so nicely in a QCK session as the body shows and communicates the information a person needs to see, realize, consider and work with to transcend patterns they participate in which aren’t supporting their potential as a person.


QCK is a truly unique method, one which I wouldn’t be able to compare with anything else. A client told me yesterday after our session that “in one hour I have been able to do with her what no social worker or psychologist has come close to in a span of years” and that is such deeply moving feedback to receive from someone who has a history and experience with those types of services and institutions in this world and who can directly see how QCK penetrates so much deeper through the surface of ourselves.



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“QCK helped me Heal a rash on my skin”


In the above video, Sally shares her experience of a QCK session I had with her in relation to a rash she was experiencing on her arms and how the session assisted and supported her to heal the rash.

Note the words “assisted and supported HER to heal the rash”, they are specific to what QCK is and does. QCK in itself does not heal you “magically”. It assists and supports YOU to be able to heal yourself. It wouldn’t be real any other way.

Once you are able to see and understand exactly HOW you created an issue you are facing, be it a rash on your skin or an emotional/mental/behavioral condition, then you have the power to heal yourself by changing, correcting and “reversing” that creation process. This is the only way the healing process is “real”, when you realize yourself as the creative authority of you.

QCK supports your self-healing ability simply by showing and revealing to you the deeper levels and layers of awareness existent within you. Awareness of how your mind exists in relation to your body and how that trinity of mind, body and self has developed throughout your life to form the person you are and the issues you face in your life today.

Book a QCK session and discover your creative authority and ability to heal and change issues you face on a physical, mental or emotional level.





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The QCK Files: Dealing with Life after a Break-up

Sometimes after a break-up a pattern can emerge within ourselves of feeling unstable and feeling like we have a hard time “pulling ourselves together”, as though the relationship in itself was the thing that was keeping us stable. But is it really about the relationship though and is the experience of instability after the relationship has ended really about the break-up?

In the QCK session I had with someone who was going through such an experience, he was shown how behind this “instability” he had been experiencing was a belief that he somehow “hurt” his partner and needed to atone for whatever it is he did. This experience of feeling as though he needed to “atone” for the things he may have done to cause his partner to break up with him wasn’t really about the break-up itself but was a mind-pattern he had developed since childhood. The session revealed to him how he had been carrying around this feeling of “needing to atone” his entire life and thus wasn’t so much related to his ex-partner and -relationship.

More than that, even this belief of having done something to atone for never had anything to do with having done something “wrong” per se, but was in fact an experience his mind had been using his entire life to suppress and hide the fact that deep down, he was the one holding on to “hurt”.

This is something our mind does very well, conceal and hide our “truth” and keep us looping in experiences and patterns which influence the very lives we live internally and externally. Experiences which we come to believe are “who we are” while in truth they are nothing more than distractions and diversions our own mind creates so we would not see deeper into ourselves and potentially start realizing our own self-creative power and ability.

These patterns of suppression, hiding, distraction and avoidance are unfortunately things we copy, learn from and develop in relation to the people in our lives as we go through childhood. We rarely ever get to pierce through that layer to realize and uncover what is really going on inside of ourselves on deeper levels, thus never realizing what our “conscious mind” experiences and reactions in relation to situations in our lives reveal to us about who we are on deeper levels.

QCK is a tool which supports you to “by-pass” and “short-circuit” those experiences and reactions which your mind brings up in relation to what you go through and face in your daily life, to get to the deeper truths and reality of who you are and thus use those challenging situations as stepping-stones for self-development, learning and growth.


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Your mind works in mysterious ways


The above quote is from a QCK session I had with someone today. I wanted to share it here because this is a tendency we all have to an extent, to judge and even fear parts of our own mind because they don’t live up to certain “ideals” of what it means to be a “good person” or because we have learned to judge certain topics (think “anger”, “sexuality”, “jealousy”, etc) so when those topics come up in our thoughts – BAM there comes our judgment of them and, consequently, of ourselves.

The problem is that we don’t entirely realize the extent to which this tendency of judging parts of ourselves influences us in our daily experiences, reactions and general sense of “who we are”.

To give you an example, in the particular session I took this quote from, the person came to the session with concerns about her health. She had found that lately there have been lots of fears coming up in her mind related to her body’s health and she wanted to know if Quantum Change Kinesiology could assist her with assessing her physical health.

Quantum Change Kinesiology does not in fact deal with assessing, diagnosing or healing actual physical issues since I am no doctor, however as she could also recognize for herself she wasn’t really dealing with a physical issue but more a mental/emotional one. That is where QCK does assist, to pinpoint and uncover why these fears have been coming up more in her mind.

Oftentimes it is surprising to find the relationship connections existent between seemingly “different” and “unrelated” points in our mind, but once those relationships are uncovered in a QCK session suddenly everything becomes clear and often the entire issue is released in that one moment just by seeing that dynamic of how a specific experience in your mind is created through other patterns you participate in.

In this session for instance it became clear how those fears in relation to her health were an “outflow” creation of her tendency to judge and suppress a particular thinking pattern that comes up in her mind from time to time. Explaining and expanding on the connection between these two points would make this post too long, but it’s enough to show how our mind in a way “works in mysterious ways” and that Quantum Change Kinesiology has the potential to open up these “mysteries” in such a way that will assist you to be able to let go and change issues you face in your self and your mind.

Interested in what mysteries Quantum Change Kinesiology can uncover for you? Sign up for a QCK session and find out 😉