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Fear of losing a relationship

I had a QCK session today with someone who was facing a situation in their life wherein they were considering breaking up with their partner due to certain circumstances. Her issue which she came to the session with was that she was feeling very sad about the idea of possibly ending the relationship and was not sure about what to do and what decision to make.

What the session assisted her with was to see and identify the personality designs and constructs that were “hiding” behind this experience of sadness and that were in the background of her mind creating her entire experience of herself and the situation.

We often have a tendency to think and believe that how we experience ourselves is due to the situation that our experience is about. We tend to think and believe that we experience ourselves in a certain way in relation to a situation because it is “normal” to react in that way, believing that in a way the situation “calls” for us to experience ourselves in that particular way.

That is how the client in this example also saw her experiences, as being related to the situation. However the session revealed how every experience we go through in our mind is actually very much determined by the types of personalities we have developed throughout our lifetime.

It showed how her experience of feeling sad at the thought of ending her relationship was related to a personality wherein she had learned to create ideas in her mind about how she needs to live her life and how things like her relationship should be, thus believing that if things in her life aren’t living up to those ideas, it means she’s doing something “wrong” or has made some kind of “mistake”. This personality she had developed as a coping mechanism to something that happened during her childhood.

This one example shows how just one seemingly small and “innocent” experience like sadness in fact represents an entire pattern in our mind that has many different outflows in how we experience and perceive ourselves and the world around us, how we behave and consequently the life we end up living.

In a Quantum Change Kinesiology session you are assisted to understand the pattern, its source and how it works as well as supported to start your process of changing the pattern into more something more constructive for yourself.

If you find yourself facing experiences like in this example, don’t unnecessarily allow yourself to suffer and struggle. Understand and realize that your experiences are not about the situation you are facing but are coming from much deeper layers in your mind. Sign up for a Quantum Change Kinesiology session via this page and give yourself the support you need to create that stability and groundedness you are looking for.

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Hemangioma and the patterns we copy from our parents

This session I had with a client was in relation to a reoccurring hemangioma on the cheek. He was curious to find out if this physical condition was related to patterns he might be living in his mind and self and how he could support his body to heal through changing those patterns.

What was shown very nicely in this session was the process of how we copy certain thinking patterns and experiences from our parents. There is an interesting thing that happens as we grow older, which is that we form layers on top of layers in our mind in order to suppress the things that we experienced and went through when we were children. These suppressed experiences are usually along the lines of feeling fearful, helpless, stupid and hurt as we face reactions from adults in our world and reality.

We all have memories of a parent or authority figure getting angry at us, yelling at us, even calling us names and/or using physical violence. It is the experiences we went through in those moments that we end up suppressing under the personalities we develop throughout our lives.

Its this process of suppressing our childhood memories and experiences as we grow older that forms the bases for how and why we sometimes get to a certain point in our lives and realize we have become just like our parents. Sometimes this carries a negative experience for us as we wonder how we became the very thing we never wanted to be or become. We see ourselves reacting with anger to our own children, becoming easily frustrated over small things or even using physical violence ourselves.

What the client in this session was shown through muscle communication and what his body was communicating with him through the hemangioma, was that he was allowing himself to create this very pattern. He was holding on to specific memories wherein he felt hurt and diminished by his father, not realizing that his father’s behavior in those memories was in fact based on those same experiences of hurt and diminishment. He was in other words living and embodying the same experiences which drove his father to develop a personality of anger and alcohol abuse by taking his expression personally rather than seeing into the deeper reality of what his father was going through.

So how do you correct this pattern and what can you do to not be influenced by such memories of hurt but rather stand in your individuality? Quantum Change Kinesiology assists and supports you to break free from such limiting patterns and personality designs which you may be living in your life and shows you how to use the memories of hurt as stepping stones for self-development rather than having them be your ball-and-chain of self-imprisonment.

Visit our website at www.quantumchangekinesiology.com to find out more about who we are and what QCK  is all about or jump right in and schedule a session via this page.

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Uncovering the Relationship between Anemia and Self-Disempowering Thought-patterns

I was working with a client today who suffered from anemia since a few months and was consequently feeling too weak to work. During my session with her what became clear was the correlation between her physically manifested anemia and other “issues” which she was experiencing in her life. These other issues where mostly in the context of feeling lost, tired, disempowered and experiencing a lack of confidence in various areas of her life.

There are, as with any pattern in the mind, surely many different layers to these experiences – layers which must be walked and uncovered over time and cannot all be understood and shown in just one QCK session. However a first session and first peek into a pattern can already give a substantial insight into the workings of the pattern and even clearly reveal the uncanny relationship between a physically manifested condition – such as anemia in this case – and internal thinking patterns, in this case of self-disempowerment and self-sabotage.

It is interesting that when we find ourselves in an experience of feeling disempowered in relation to a situation or situations in our environment, we have a tendency to wholeheartedly believe that we ARE disempowered. After all, there are so many reasons that our mind comes up with for why and how it is that there is simply nothing we can do about our disempowerment. Reasons such as “it isn’t my fault”, “I don’t trust others/this situation/myself”, “he/she/they did this to me”, “I am too old to change”, “I am just not strong enough”, etcetera.

The experience of disempowerment is a very interesting thing as it is a state of mind and being that is completely defined and determined by whether or not you choose to believe those “reasons” and self-defeating and self-limiting thought-patterns to be “true” and to be the reality of “who you are”. If you choose to accept the thought “I am too weak”, then you will feel as though you are “too weak” and you will experience yourself to be disempowered in relation to whatever it is you believe you are too weak to change or influence.

The real fascinating question is then: Why do we make that choice to work against ourselves in our own thoughts? Why do we choose to break away at our strength and self-empowerment by participating in such self-disempowering and -diminishing thoughts rather than being constructive and supportive with ourselves? This is one of the important questions which QCK assists you to find the answer to as long as you are willing to break through and break free from the self-limiting and -disempowering ideas and beliefs that you accept within yourself.

If you are ready to take that step of challenging and changing those experiences, thinking-patterns, personality-designs and situations in your life which you believe yourself to be disempowered by, then visit www.quantumchangekinesiology.com to book your first session with one of our QCK Practitioners. Would you prefer to let us choose which practitioner might be best suited for you? Visit this page, submit your request and a QCK Practitioner will contact you shortly!