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When Tiredness is actually Suppression – The QCK Files


In the above video I discuss a session with a client who was facing an issue of feeling tired and lethargic. He wanted to know if QCK could pinpoint for him what was going on in the deeper levels of his mind that was causing him to feel this way.

In a nutshell, what tested out for him was that this experience of lethargy and tiredness was a physical consequence of him having gone into energy experiences of joyfulness, playfulness and feeling amused which ‘depleted’ his body’s energy so to speak. This ‘depletion’ of our body’s energy, or ‘life’ if you will, happens when we use those positive feelings and experiences to suppress and hide other points within ourselves.

For instance, on more subconscious and unconscious levels of his mind he had throughout his life developed a personality of anger, criticism, hostility and selfishness – something he had primarily copied from his father – however on a conscious mind level these were traits he had come to judge about his father and thus also about himself. This judgment then led him to want to hide and suppress these experiences in his mind and believe he must, especially around his family, exert a personality of joyfulness, playfulness and amusement.

This internal fighting against deep-rooted personality designs as we try to live up to an idea of what is “better” according to judgments in our mind would ultimately cause us to become quite exhausted as that forceful attempt to make ourselves feel a certain way puts a strain on our mind and body, leaving us with an experience of lethargy and tiredness.

That experience of lethargy and tiredness is our body’s way of showing us that we need to be honest with ourselves about the words we are living and how we are living them. Living and embodying words like playfulness, joy and amusement should not be in suppression of ourselves because if it is, then what is joy? Can we truly say we are enjoying ourselves when on deeper levels we are judging, fighting against and denying parts of ourselves?

QCK is there as a tool of support to help you see what such experiences like lethargy or tiredness are showing you about the deeper levels of yourself in your mind and body so you can claim your power to change such issues. It assists you to start using your own body and mind as your guide to get to know your own mind and start living words like enjoyment as an expression rather than a suppression of yourself.


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Explore the Depths of You

explore the depths

Psychology often creates a comparison between the mind and an iceberg, where our conscious mind awareness – how we generally experience ourselves in our day to day living – would be the tip of the iceberg sticking out of the water. Most of our mind as all the things that are happening on the deeper levels and layers of our mind, on the subconscious and unconscious, is hiding under the surface of our awareness.

Quantum Change Kinesiology is a tool which assists you to look deeper into the “unknown” of your mind, to see the part of the iceberg hiding underneath what you experience and see within you on a conscious level of awareness. This in itself is from my perspective and experience amazing. Who wouldn’t want to have that deeper insight into themselves? Who wouldn’t want to see what their mind and body awareness can tell them about who they are?

Interestingly enough, what I have found so far in my work as a Quantum Change Kinesiologist is that in fact the inner self is not necessarily something many people would want to see. In fact it is what we have throughout our lives fought to suppress and hide. There is a reason why most of the iceberg is hidden. It’s because there are so many things inside our mind that scare us, that we judge, that make us uncomfortable and that show us a “truth” of ourselves that doesn’t align with how we want to see ourselves.

Most people look for a “convenient” and “comfortable” truth. A truth that makes you feel better momentarily and doesn’t challenge you to face those parts of you that need to be faced for self-change to be real. QCK doesn’t give a sugar-coated version of “you”, it opens up what has been hidden and suppressed and shows you with specificity how you within yourself have been limiting and compromising your own potential in mind, body and self.

This is why QCK is uniquely perfect for those who are ready to take on that journey of self-introspection, -realization and -change. Those who understand that in order to change anything, you need to be willing to see, understand and embrace the multidimensional and multilayered existence of that which you’re wanting to change. Ready and willing to face and overcome your fears and resistance in relation to whats been hiding in the depths of your mind all your life.

QCK assists and supports you to see and understand the reality of the “iceberg”, of it’s structure and how it exists, so that you from that platform of understanding and insight have the power and ability to change that iceberg. As you walk the process of bringing to the surface the parts of it that are hidden and it “melts before the sun” as your awareness, you stabilize and clear the “waters” of your self, giving yourself the opportunity to create, change and expand your potential.