Quantum Change Kinesiology

Quantum understanding of the mind and body relationship through kinesiology

Who are we?

Hi! Thank you for visiting our website. We are Andrea Starsi and Kim Amourette, founders of Quantum Change Kinesiology. In our QCK sessions we utilize muscle testing, which is a biofeedback tool, to help people get profound clarity around why they’re feeling the way they are and why the issues they’re facing exist.


Kim Amourette: Throughout my life I have struggled a lot with identity issues. From high school throughout adolescence I searched for purpose, for motivation, for value of myself and my life. I sensed that I had a lack of worth, confidence and direction, but at the same time I had a deeper feeling that there is a profound potential to myself and life waiting just around the bend. When I discovered QCK as a tool to create a shortcut to realizing that potential, I knew I needed to share it with others who are going through what I went through. If you can relate to my story please go here to learn more about the Walk of Change.  I am always looking for new people to support in their journey of self-change so if you would like to book a consultation with me, please call me at +1(226)791-7438 or send me an email at kim_amourette@hotmail.com.


IMG_7556Andrea Starsi: If you are experiencing Body Pain, Repeated Illnesses, Repetitive thought Patterns, Emotional Overwhelmedness, Addictions, Difficulties with Self-Esteem and the feeling like you are stuck in old Patterns and Memories, but you are dedicated to changing – then these sessions are for you…(more)