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Quantum understanding of the mind and body relationship through kinesiology

Kim Amourette

If you like the challenge of delving under the surface of your Self and applying the necessary steps to create the change you want to see, then my sessions are perfect for you.

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Hi, I’m Kim Amourette, Quantum Change Kinesiologist. I have walked a life-path that has lead me to develop a passion to assist and support those who are – as I was – in search of answers, who feel and know that there is more to who they are and are eager to discover this undefined potential within themselves.

Do you have a physical condition, discomfort or pain and you would like to find out what your body is trying to communicate with you?

Are you already walking a process of self-development and self-growth and would like to find the specific issues that are priority for you to focus on and change?

Are you dealing with emotional and/or thought patterns in your mind and self that you want to make sense of as well as change?

If you like the challenge of delving under the surface of your Self and applying the necessary steps to create the change you want to see, then my sessions are perfect for you.

What can you expect from working with me?

What you will experience from a singular session is that you will especially gain insight into what pattern in your mind is responsible for or contributing to the issue that you are experiencing and have come to the session with. Along with that, the session will map out a blueprint for you to start practically changing the mind pattern.

The Walk of change session package offers you a guided and structured process through the steps of practically changing the mind pattern. In each session we will assess what the specific steps are for you to walk and how to walk them in order to most effectively manifest self-change.

Please have a look through The QCK Files if you are curious about the kind of support that Quantum Change Kinesiology has to offer.

My professional background

I have received an education in Neuro-Energetic Kinesiology at the Souldance Academy In Belgium from 2009 to 2013, where I learned and integrated the skill of communication with the body through muscle testing.

During this time, from the year 2011 up to the current day, I have been walking the Desteni I Process, an intensive in-depth course in self-development where I learned the skill of having insight into the workings of the mind on the various levels on which it exists within myself and, by extension, others.

This is where Andrea and I met and where our vision sprouted of using muscle testing along with our combined understanding of the mind to assist and support people to create change in themselves and consequently their lives as we have done for ourselves. We realized that we could use our skills to immensely quantify and condense for others what has taken us years to realize, understand and create when it comes to effecting and manifesting self-change.

After my studies in Belgium, I teamed up with Andrea in South-Africa and from 2014 to 2016 we worked together directly to develop Quantum Change Kinesiology. As we practiced our technique and worked with many different individuals, we proved to ourselves the effectiveness and untapped potential of QCK.

My personal background

In the process of self-development that I have walked over the years, points that I have personally faced and changed were primarily experiences like insecurity, being self-conscious, experiencing anxiety/social anxiety, inferiority, self-judgment, fear of failure and many more such experiences and personalities that stem from a general tendency to suppress the expression of self. Because I have faced these points in my own life, I have found that my strong suit is within assisting and supporting those that are facing the same or similar patterns inside themselves.

If you have been dealing with such emotional issues or thinking patterns which you know are self-diminishing and even self-destructive, don’t allow yourself to remain stuck in them. Give yourself the support that you need to change these patterns so that you can move on and forward to become the best version of yourself in this one life that you have. Sign up for the walk of change or if you prefer taking it slow and testing the waters, sign up for a single session and find out what you can learn about yourself through Quantum Change Kinesiology!

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